free express shipping on all ORDERS over £150.00

Trade In

Verdant Cards are currently only trading for “mint condition” Pokémon cards.

Trade in your duplicate / unwanted cards for store credit with us.

You can use the store credit to purchase anything in our store.

Bulk Price List

  • £1.50 per 100 commons

  • £2.00 per 100 uncommons/trainers

  • Rare cards 5p each.

  • 10p each holo/reverse holo common/uncommons

  • 15p each holo/reverse holo rare (Including Celebrations)

  • 50p each EX/GX/V/Vmax and jumbo cards

  • Unused code cards 1p each.


We also offer 25p each for undamaged/unscratched coins and 50p each for mint condition empty tins (large and mini)

We are not currently accepting energy cards.

All cards must be in English, in mint condition and preferably straight from a booster pack and of course genuine.
We are not trading for Japanese bulk or any other TCGs at this time.

We also will give you store credit for non bulk cards (card value over £5) and graded cards.

Price will vary depending on the individual item but please note we usually give around half the current market price for trade in as we need to then pay for listing the item, sales commissions, vat etc and we need to make a small profit ourselves as well.

If you wish to send off your bulk please send your cards (at your expense) by Royal Mail only to the address below.

Verdant Cards
PO BOX 26891

Please include your name, email address and the amount of cards you have sent us if you have counted them.

Please also send the cards in bundles sorted by rarity and commons/uncommons in blocks of 100 preferably in plastic/team bags or cling film. 

Do not use elastic bands to hold the cards together. 

Please also make sure you have an account on our website as this is how we will issue you the store credit.

This is for store credit only, we do not pay cash.

Please also email us to let us know you have sent off your bulk or if you wish to get prices for non bulk, please do this first before sending off any cards.

If your trade in value exceeds £100.00 we will pay for the shipping costs and provide you with free tracked returns labels please contact us before sending off your trade in if you expect the value to be greater than £100.00

Once we receive your cards we will check the condition of them and confirm with you how many cards have been accepted for trade in and add the credit to your account.
Any cards that are not accepted for any reason, such as card not in mint condition, not genuine, not English, etc will be disposed of or can be returned to you at your cost. 

We will confirm with you before we dispose of any cards and give you the opportunity for us to return them to you if you wish.

It will take us a few days for us to verify your trade in and process the gift card, so please do not contact us the same day we receive the cards to ask about your trade in, we will be in touch as soon as we can!