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Proud MGC grading partner and officially authorised to conduct this service.
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Why Grade With Verdant Cards?

Save yourself time and money if you take advantage of our multi card submission discount bundles.

We complete all paperwork on your behalf and deal with return postage to and from MGC and back again to you.

Just send us your cards and we do the rest – we will even send the cards in our own branded card savers to MGC so no need to purchase expensive semi-rigid card savers specially.
If you already have semi-rigid card savers you are of course welcome to send in those too!

No membership fees, no hidden costs or upcharges, and no hassle!

After waiting for almost a year and a half for submissions to come back from PSA we looked into a UK alternative for grading our cards and as a result partnered with Majesty Grading Company.

Download our brochure for full information including why we chose to partner with MGC over other UK card grading services and why we think you should grade with MGC over PSA!

We also offer a consignment service as well instead of returning your cards you can opt for us to attempt to sell them on your behalf, more information in the brochure.

Please contact us by email if you wish to submit more than 25 submissions for a bulk rate.

All submissions are on the bronze tier level so you should expect to receive your slabbed cards back in approximately 1-2 months from when we send off our submissions to MGC which is substantially quicker than American grading services such as PSA, Beckett, CGC.

If you wish to send your cards off on a faster service please contact us to arrange.

Silver tier is currently on a 2 week service priced at £22.99 per card.
Unfortunately we cannot offer discounts or bundles on this service level.

We send off our submissions once a month on the 1st of the month but in the future we may change this to twice a month depending on level of demand for this service.

This service is for UK customers only – international customers please arrange with Majesty Grading Company  directly for your submissions.