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Verdant Cards Competitions FAQ

Absolutely not! We pride our selves in our transparency and great customer service, we clearly show how many entries are required for the competition to end and when it does we use a third party to draw for us so the results are completely unbiased and cannot be manipulated by us in any way. Please look at our trust pilot page for reviews on our service we provide.

Verdant Cards competitions are new and only just launched in Feb 2022 but as we run them for a while we will also show a list of winners on the site!

Each competition ends every Monday at 6pm, Every Thursday at 6pm and every Saturday at 6PM.

The draw is carried out by an independent unbiased third party ( you can read about their third party draw service here. After the draw has taken place each participant will be contacted by email to let them know if they have won or not. You can also verify this on the website so this ensures that every competition is fair, truly random and transparent.

The only information we share with the third party is your full name, no other personal information will be disclosed or sold to anyone at any time. If you win a prize your full name will be listed on our page of winners.


If you do not want your full name to be published or shared with the third party who draws the raffle please email us or put a note on your qualifying purchase with an alias you prefer to be shared / published. This must be done at least 1 working day prior to the competition ending to ensure we can process this request.

By entering the competition you agree to us sharing your name and publishing it on our site unless you contact us prior as above.

Each competition has a minimum threshold for the draw to take place, if the threshold has not been met the draw will not take place more about that below!

We clearly show the minimum and maximum thresholds on each competition so we are fully transparent so you can decide if you wish to enter or not.

If the minimum threshold is not met the draw will not take place, if you have received an entry into the draw by purchasing a qualifying product you will be entered into the next competition until the threshold is met and the draw takes place.

There is no limit to how many times your entry can roll over, it will be entered in each subsequent competition until a draw takes place.

If you have entered by free postal entry unfortunately you will not qualify for re entry into the next competition, but you are free to enter the next competition for free more about that below!

We have a maximum threshold to ensure the competition is fair and not too many people enter each competition and reduce your chance of winning. If the maximum threshold is reached no more entries will be allowed into that competition.

If you purchase a qualifying purchase after the maximum threshold for your chosen competition you will be entered into the next competition for the same item if we are running another competition with the same prize.

If we are not running another competition with the same prize your entry will be voided and you will be contacted to offer you entry into different draw of equivalent value of your choice. 

There are two ways to participate, the first is by purchasing Verdant Points and a free ticket which also come with free re-entries into future draws if the minimum threshold is not met (see above), the second is a free entry which require you to send a postal entry to our office.

Paid entries via the qualifying purchase route allow us to stay legal and comply with government legislation, laws and terms of our payment processor. You can choose the item you wish to purchase to gain entry into the competition. 

We will send the qualifying item you purchased within 2 working days from the purchase, the competition does not have to have been drawn for you to receive your qualifying purchase. We have multiple purchase options to allow you the best choice of item so even if you do not win the competition you get something for your money!

Details on how to enter for free by postal entry below.

Postal entries are limited to one per household per competition per postcard/letter.

If you wish to enter multiple competitions you must send a different letter or postcard, postal entries which list more than one competition entry will be void and not entered into the competition.

To enter for free please send a letter or postcard to our office address below.

Verdant Cards Limited

71-75 Shelton Street



Pease note we do not accept entries which are hand delivered to our office as our staff are unable to process the entries so if you are local in London you must still enter by post anything not sent by Royal Mail will not be entered into the draw.

This address is just our offices, we not not have a retail shop so please do not come to visit us!

We recommend you send your entry by first class post as we must receive this 1 working day before the competition ends.

Any entries received later than this will not be entered as they are processed 1 day before the end of the competition.

Please include the following information in your letter / postcard.

Competition Name & Number you wish to enter

(1 entry per post card/letter)

Your full name, telephone number, full address and email address so we can contact you if you have won or not.

Any illegible, incomplete or multiple entries in the same letter / postcard will be void and not entered.

You must also create an account on our website and become a member for free prior to us receiving your entry or it will not count.

You cannot email or message us by any methods including our socials to enter, all free entries must be done by post.

So you have done the maths and worked out that the minimum entry threshold is roughly half of the retail price of the prize.

Whilst we recognise this can be misleading at first and seem like we are ripping people this is not the case at all.

After we have deducted VAT, payment processing fees, advertising costs, postage costs (as we do not charge additional postage if you win the prize), unlike some sites, staffing costs, discounts and promotions we run for multiple entries, costs incurred by using a third party to carry out the draw on our behalf to ensure it is fair, unbiased and verifiable and that it took place and various other business overheads we are not actually making anywhere near as much as you think.


We do not deny we are making a profit by running these competitions (We would not be in business long if we wasn't!) and are completely transparent throughout but we offer participants the chance to win fantastic prices worth hundreds of pounds from as little as £1.00 qualifying purchase or a free postal entry for a prize they otherwise cannot afford.

No. To comply with government legislation, current gambling laws and to not violate the terms of our payment processor we do not sell tickets to enter the competition, you must purchase Verdant Reward Points and then receive a free entry into the draw. The qualifying purchase also includes insurance against the minimum threshold not being met and the competition ends without being drawn. In this instance we will open a new competition with the same prize the next working day and you will be re-entered into this draw, there is no limit to how many times this can happen - you are guaranteed to enter a draw even if it has to roll over several times before the minimum threshold is met.

If you are lucky enough to have won we will contact you by email or phone to confirm your delivery address and your acceptance of the prize.

Once we have confirmed this we aim to ship your prize within 2 working days.

Unlike some other sites we only have prizes for competitions which we hold in stock, so there are no long delays for your prize to arrive.

We are not able to give you a cash equivalent for your prize, however in most cases we are happy to swap the item won for the same amount of Verdant Reward Points, which can be used to enter further competitions or purchase something else on our site. The amount of reward points exchanged will be the retail price of the prize less VAT (20%) so you may end up with less points than the item is worth.

Please let us know when we contact you that this is the option you wish to take instead of receiving the winning prize.

Of course! We would be delighted if you did, we actively encourage it. 

The more people who enter our competitions means more prizes, more choice of prizes and better prices! 

So if we grow it only benefits everybody.

Absolutely! We will be delighted to put it on our winners page next to your name.

After the minimum threshold has been met and the draw taken place we will notify all entrants whether they have won or not and provide instructions on how to verify this with our independent third party. We also publish a list of winners on our page and socials and encourage winners to leave reviews or post comments confirming this.

We think we have covered all bases with these FAQs but if you do have a question we have not covered, or any concerns or suggestions please email us at